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Our Clients speak

The opinion of those who have lived an experience and the magic of Mexican traditions with artists from Mas Tlatoani

"A Serious, Professional and Dedicated company that followed us from the beginning of our planning, we absolutely recommend them."

Luis Alvarado A./Presidente/Hilton World Wide

"I congratulate and highly recommend Mas Tlatoani Mèxico in my heart for their Performance, Dedication and Professionalism in the events they carry out at Grupo Palacio."

Lic. Octavio López / Sales Manager / Grupo Palacio

"Mas Tlatoani's work reflects the research, documentation and performance of shows that make us value Mexican Folklore."

Lic. Eloisa Carreón / Culture / Govt. from Tlaxcala

"Holding an event with Mas Tlatoani is to evoke Mexico and it always leaves an excellent impression with our partners and guests ...".

Lic. Mauricio A. Dominguez S. / President AMEVH

"They do a great job in their shows, promoting Mexican Culture ...".

Lic. G. Raquel Hernández B. / Independent Cultural Manager

"His artistic excellence and remarkable creativity are essential to promote Mexico at any event."

Ana Roca / President / Untradanza

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