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2003 Foundation of the Tlatoani Folk Group.

2005 Official Denomination and Recognition of INBAL, Tlatoani Folkloric Ballet arises.

2007 First production for Theater, Mas Tlatoani emerges.

2009 Winners of the American Award for quality of service.

Reports in magazines related to tourism.

2011 Nominated for the American Award and production for Theater.

Foro eleven TV program for channel eleven.

2013 Concept as a representative of Mexican folk artists.

Nominated again for the American Award.

2015 Change of image and cultural proposal.

2018 Start of Procedures to form a brand.

2020 Red Danza Administration and the new phase as Show Producer begins.

For more than 10 years, with the Tlatoani Folkloric Ballet, artists and artisans we have had participation in various festivals, obtaining excellent reviews from the specialized press and folklore experts.

We have made radio and tv programs for the contribution to the performing arts and the socio-cultural work that we carry out in each show.

We have experience in various types of forums and stages, public and private, providing Mexican artistic services.

LIVES! with us the Magic of Mexican Folklore

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